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  • Easy to Use: Tool-free installation
  • Hold Your Phone Securely
  • Durable with Premium Quality

The Ugreen Gravity Drive Air Vent Mounted Phone Holder can be mounted on the car’s ventilation grille . The gadget is extremely easy to use, just put the phone on it and the jaws will close automatically . It has a triangular structure ensuring stability while driving, large adjustment possibilities (including 360-degree rotation) and rubber pads.

The whole is made of high-quality materials ( PC + aluminium) and designed for mobile devices with a width of 6.3 to 8.8 cm and a thickness of not more than 1 cm .

Full automatism

The Ugreen holder does not require the troublesome adjustment of the accessory to the size of the phone . Just put the device on it and the jaws will close automatically .

No scratching, no hassle with visibility

The handle is attached to the ventilation grille , so it does not limit the visibility in any way. In addition, it has rubber caps on the jaws for a solid installation without scratching the airflow.

Hassle-free charging on the go

Thanks to a special cut-out , you can easily connect the charger cable to the phone and charge your equipment even while driving . No need to abandon the use of the device.

NOTE: This reserved charging port is not wide enough for USB C cables, please check size or purchase a compatible adapter.

Stability and security

The triangular design of the accessory guarantees the stability and safety of the phone even on the most uneven roads.


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