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UGREEN Cat7 Ethernet Cable

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Achieve high-speed internet with the UGREEN Cat7 Ethernet Cable, supporting up to 10Gbps and reduced interference.

The UGREEN Cat7 Ethernet Cable (SKU: 20160) is designed for high-speed network connections, ensuring stable and fast internet access.

Key Features:
– High Speed: Supports up to 10Gbps data transfer speed.
– Shielding: Shielded twisted pairs to reduce interference and crosstalk.
– Durability: Robust design for enhanced durability.
– Compatibility: Suitable for various network devices like routers, switches, and gaming consoles.

– Length: Typically available in various lengths
– Connector Type: RJ45
– Speed: Up to 10Gbps

Perfect for high-speed network connections in homes and offices.

Package Contents:
– 1 x Cat7 Ethernet Cable


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